Return Security is a solutions provider focused on addressing network security issues that affect your company’s bottom line. Return Security’s goal is to ensure our client’s networks are resilient, available and protected from malicious attacks.

Return Security is a boutique information and network security consulting firm based out of Philadelphia, PA and consulting for clients across the World.

Return Security brings over 15 years of expertise in networks and security and can solve even the most compex network security challenge your organization faces.

Our focus areas include:

  • Network security architecture and design
  • Cable/MSO/DOCSIS security
  • Information security program development
  • Incident response
  • Next generation network security and next generation firewalls
  • Mobile device and wireless security
  • IPv6 security
  • DDoS mitigation and response
  • Hardware resale for select partners

Return Security’s program implementation methodology is used to establish and communicate the value of our security services engagements. Our goal is to ensure our clients can see a measurable _return_ from their information security investments.

Return Security accomplishes this by understanding our client’s current environment and establishing metrics and KPIs to measure the effectiveness of our programs before and after implementation. With this, our clients will experience tangible risk reduction.

Whether we engage in developing a multi-year roadmap for an organization’s security program, or consulting on a specific engagement, Return Security has the expertise to affect positive change in your organization’s risk posture.



    Return Security brings expertise in both identity technology and network security to deliver next generation Enterprise network infrastructures the combine network access, identity and security policy.

    Is your organization missing out on the the many benefits of IT Consumerization? Return Security designs and implements the controls needed to secure, manage the lifecycle of and monitor your organization’s mobile devices.

    Return Security principals have helped countless organizations recover from known or suspected security breaches. Return Security’s IR services can help track down the source of a breach, eradicate the compromise from the environment and help prevent future compromise.

    Firewalls provide a secure border for most Enterprise networks and secure data centers. Next Generation firewall platforms are enabling a more intelligent network border. Return Security can help organization’s achieve the value of any next generation firewall platform.

    Wireless Security services take into consideration typical Provider or Enterprise Wifi security issues including encryption, authentication, guest portals, billing, theft, performance management and rogue access point detection to secure our client’s wireless networks.

    MSO/ISP security services look at our client’s at-risk infrastructure and design or recommend solutions to mitigate threats. Return Security incorporates testing, best practices and design methodologies to proactively reduce the impact of network threats for IPv4 or IPv6.


Return Security publishes a regular blog on relevant network engineering and network security topics. Return Security authors are also available for commercial writing opportunities. Links to our recent blog entries are below:


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Return Security is available 24x7x365 for any information security emergency and incident response. For more information about Return Security, to discuss how Return Security can help solve your information security problems, or to request our services, please email us at the address below:

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